Carpets Used in Mosques

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Carpets are being used in mosques for a very long time. The reason for using carpets in mosque is to make people remove their shoes before entering and create a clean area within mosques. The worship rituals are another reason because people contact the floor often while praying, and carpets create a more comfortable surface for these kinds of practices. Mosques are closed areas and because of their size, problems about heating and cooling often occur. For this reason, mosque carpets are used both to prevent cold coming from the ground and to prevent people catching it. Mosque carpets may show differences regarding their weaving features, type of use, or colors and patterns. Make sure to consider these types of differences when you are choosing carpets and determine which mosque carpet you are going to purchase by a perfect combination of model, color, quality, and price. The mosque ground should be measured before making a purchase.

Models and Colors Used for Mosque Carpets

Dark colors are often preferred for mosque carpets. The reason for this is to prevent the carpet from looking dirty and to make sure the dark color matches the dark areas within the mosque. This situation may hold true for many mosques. But for large and highly enlightened mosques, light colored mosque carpet models should be used. Light colored carpets make the mosques look brighter and more spacious. The names of these kinds of carpets differ depending on the model. Mosques carpets come in two distinctive models. These mosque carpet models are lined mosque carpets and round-patterned mosque carpets. Round-patterned mosque carpets are the carpets which include a large and colorful pattern right in the middle. The lined mosque carpets don’t necessarily include a huge pattern in the middle; they are applied according to the standing lines. These main models include various other sub-models which have subject to different pricing criteria.

Prices for Mosque Carpets

The most affordable mosque carpets are found on the internet. The companies that sell their products online, determine the price of the carpets per unit per model. A model may come in various different colors. The prices may change for each model. For detailed information check out the website or contact a company authority.

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