Mosque Carpet Models and Prices

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Mosque carpets come with different models and different features and that’s why their prices may also be subject to some level of difference. The most important price determinant is thread kind and quality. Wool mosque carpets are slightly more expensive than the other carpets and they keep warm. But they are not very suitable to use during summer months. Acrylic carpets are manufactured as alternatives to wool carpets and they are the next best mosque carpets. Acrylic carpets are more suitable for seasonal use. Polyamide carpets, on the other hand, are manufactured in larger volumes than the other carpets but these mosque carpets have a slightly shorter lifetime. When the carpets are only going to be used for a short period of time and then will be changed, we recommended using polyamide carpets. Polyamide carpets can also be used as coating material in various places in mosques. Mosque carpet prices show differences depending on all of these factors.

Mosque Carpet Color and Patterns

Mosques carpets come in two distinctive models. These mosque carpet models are lined mosque carpets and round-patterned mosque carpets. Round-patterned mosque carpets are the carpets which include a large and colorful pattern right in the middle. After being purchased, these carpets are placed at the center or the most bright area of the mosque’s floor, making sure that the pattern is the focus of attention. Round-patterned mosque carpets are mostly used in large and ostentatious mosques. Round-patterned carpets have various model options depending on patterns and colors. Each of these models are inspired by different ethic patterns and historic figures. The other mosque carpet model is lined mosque carpet. These carpets don’t necessarily include a huge pattern in the middle; they are applied according to the standing lines.

The Size of the Mosque Carpet

The size of the mosque carpets differ depending on the size of the mosques they are applied to. Each mosque have unique measurements. Columns and blind spots in the mosques should be measured carefully. Mosque carpet prices will be calculated depending on how many square meters you’ll need for your mosque. That’s why right measuring is important. The color and the pattern of the carpet model should also be in accordance with the mosque’s interior.



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