Mosque Carpet Qualities

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Mosques are indoor places of worship, grounds of which can measure up to 100 square meters. Each mosque include some qualities, determined by its situation, architecture, and capacity. Large-size mosques have large-sized courtyards. Mosques’ indoor spaces are used regularly everyday. Occasionally, the courtyards become host to people and carpets are laid there to make people feel comfortable. Within mosques, the entire floor area is covered with carpets without leaving any uncovered places. This application ensures ease regarding cleaning. It is also a way to cover the unpleasant floor view within mosques, which can be considered as architectural marvels. Mosque carpets are used as decorative means. However, their first and foremost function is to cover the floor area and to create a clean atmosphere by making people remove their shoes before entering. Cleanliness is of utmost importance within mosques. This statement also holds true for mosque carpet, which are used by a sheer number of people who attend mosques several times everyday. Carpet sizes differ for each mosque because the measurements of the floor area and usable active areas differ from mosque to mosque. When purchasing mosque carpets, the floor area of the mosque should be measured thoroughly. The post and beam locations should be highlighted. If needed, help should be sought from mosque carpet retailers. The floor area should be covered entirely, for this reason accurate measurements are important. After this process, decorative features such as patterns and colors can be decided.

Different Types of Mosque Carpet Models

There are a few outstanding models regarding mosque carpets. These include mihrab-patterned mosque carpets, lined mosque carpets, and round-patterned mosque carpets. Carpets should be picked depending on mosques’ architecture, size, lighting, as well as colors and patterns used in its interior decoration. Considering the fact that hand-drawn patterns on mosque walls and roof create a sense of comfort, the patterns and colors of its carpet should also be of value regarding coziness. They should add to the harmony within and appeal to the people who attend daily prayers. When you are selecting mosque carpets, you should take size and standing place indicators into consideration. Colors should match the interior decoration. If the mosque decoration is elaborate, simple carpets with solid colors are the best options.

Non-Patterned Mosque Carpets

These carpets are solid-colored and don’t have any patterns other than the same-colored embroidery lining its edges. These carpets are called lined mosque carpets because they include standing place indicators. The lines on these carpets help people neatly organize before each prayer. They are generally used within large-sized mosques. Lined mosque carpets can also be used within mosques which have an elaborate interior decoration.

Patterned Mosque Carpets

Patterned mosque carpets include a large pattern right in the middle and other different colored patterns surrounding it. They are called round-patterned mosque carpets. Round-patterned mosque carpets come with all kinds of different colors and patterns. The patterns on these carpets can be dominated by a color and its tones. Color options include blue, green, yellow, red, and brown. If the mosque has a crowded following and the carpet stains easily, dark-colored carpets should be used. The color and pattern options for round-patterned mosque carpets are quite a few.

Buying Mosque Carpets

Mosque carpets can be purchased from retailers or from websites. When placing an order, the color, model, and size of the carpet should be delivered accurately. If needed, little notes and drawings should be made to guarantee accuracy.

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