Mosque Carpets

As Çelebizade Halı, we work hard to make sure our options address all kinds of different tastes. As a result of our hard work, we are able to offer various elegant mosque carpet patterns. For example, if you believe that the interior decoration of your mosque is more suitable for simple carpets, we recommend SAFLI mosque carpet models. Or if you think a mystical pattern is a better match, then GÖBEKLİ mosque carpet models are recommended. Considering the endless options of beautiful, aesthetic carpets that come in various colors and patterns, you will surely find the perfect carpet to address your needs. You can contact us about different mosque carpets, patterns, colors, and prices.

Cami Halısı Modelleri

Mosque Carpet Models

Mosque carpets are the first decorative pieces that we notice as we step into the mosques. That’s why mosque carpets are as important as the architecture and the interior decoration of the mosques they are applied to. They should be elegant, and suitable for the overall decoration. Çelebizade Halı holds on firmly to the “infinite pattern and color” principle and offers a rich collection of elegant mosque carpets that come in various colors and patterns. As Çelebizade Halı, we make sure to include both mystical and simple + modern mosque carpet patterns and address all kinds of different tastes. Take a look at our various models such as the lined mosque carpets and the round-patterned mosque carpets, and place an order specifying your color choice and measurement. Remember, the color options are infinite! The prices for mosque carpets show differences based on the models and measurements. Contact us for more information about prices.

Mosque Carpet Prices

As Çelebizade Halı, we believe that customer satisfaction and trust is of utmost importance. As a company, which not only occupies a significant space in the Turkish market for mosque carpets, but keeps growing within the international market, we aim to guarantee customer satisfaction by manufacturing good quality and long-lasting products, and deliver services of high quality. This is the reason why our mosque carpet models come in various colors and shapes, and at the same time are high quality, practical, long-lasting, and sanitary. If you want to choose carpets which are suitable both for the interior decoration of your mosques and your own tastes, take a look at our options of high quality, durable, long-lasting, practical, and elegant carpets. You can place an order with specified measurements and we’ll deliver carpets that are perfect-fit for your mosque. You can contact us about mosque carpet models, patterns, colors, and prices.