Lined Mosque Carpet Features

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Thousands of people visit mosques every day and saflı mosque carpets have become important factors when determining the mosque’s hygiene, architectural qualities, and aesthetics.

Islamic Patterns

Mosques are of utmost importance for Islamic culture and civilization. They are not considered only places of worship but also as places where people gather all together. For Muslims, mosques are places of worship as well as they are cultural legacies where the Islamic architecture and Islamic patterns are presented. From the dome to the ceramics on the walls, the columns to the calligraphies, mosques are full of Islamic culture. For this reason, choosing the right kind of mosque carpet that is suitable for the interior decoration is very important.


Real Work of Art

From the minute we step inside the mosque until the time we leave, we are in contact with mosque carpets at the most. For this reason, mosque carpets should include a variety of features to guarantee comfort to people before or during worship. They should also be real artworks. Their form, shape, decorative features, and practicality is very important. We will now tell you how saflı mosque carpets should be.

  • Lined Mosque Carpets Should be Soft and Cushy

Mosques are frequented by flocks of people who come to worship God several times every day. For this reason the mosque carpets should be soft and comfortable to be able to create a comfortable space.

  • Lined Mosque Carpets Should be Comfortable

When wool is used to manufacture mosque carpets, the wool creates a comfortable environment for people because they are soft and flexible.

  • Lined Mosque Carpets Should be Durable

A lot of people visit mosques and spend a considerable amount of time inside and the mosque carpets are subject to a lot of pressure all throughout the day. They can wear out pretty easily. Wool mosque carpets are preferred because they offer longevity and durability.

  • Lined Mosque Carpets are Hygienic

All thanks to their threads, mosque carpets also guarantee heat insulation and saves a lot of energy. Wool threads are natural materials and they don’t include any carcinogenic substances. Wool mosque carpets are also anti-bacterial.



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