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Mosques have started to be built worldwide following the birth and spread of Islam. Today, thousands of architectural works appear as examples. One of the most critical items for mosques’ interior decoration is carpets. The carpets to be selected must be hygienic, and their patterns must be pleasing to the eye. In this article, we will closely examine the characteristics of the carpets suitable for our historical mosques.


While worshipping in mosques, we deeply feel the history and the sense of recollection; therefore, combining comfort with the softness of carpets is vital. As Çelebizade Carpet, we pay great attention to this combination while producing mosque carpets. Thanks to advanced technology, the carpets we produce in our integrated facilities have motifs and various colors that suit our mosques. Accordingly, we have suitable options for both historic and newly built mosques. If you want a plainer look in your mosque, our lined mosque carpet models will satisfy your demand. The patterns used in the lined mosque carpet models are fewer, but they stand out with their colors.


Suppose you think a more historical option will suit your mosque’s interior decoration. In that case, our round-patterned mosque carpet models will provide the look you want with different motif options. Applying the same motifs with different colors also provides breadth in the product range. Thus, you can use the motif you like with the color that suits the atmosphere of the mosque.



All Çelebizade Carpets are made of wool. For this reason, they are 100% hygienic and do not contain allergenic substances. They are produced from non-pile yarn and do not leave knee prints. In addition to their odorless property, they are anti-static, meaning they do not conduct electricity. In addition, they keep the heat in balance, preventing you from feeling the heat in summer and the cold in winter. So you can have both soft and hygienic carpets. As active sanctuaries, mosques bearing traces of history offer spiritual relief. While you reach this spiritual serenity, Çelebizade Carpet aims to provide its users with a high-level comfort with its comfortable products. Add comfort to your mosques with Çelebizade Carpets, where durability and hygiene meet!

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