The Most Beautiful Mosque Carpets

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Mosque carpets are essential parts of the mosques. For this reason, mosque carpet patterns and colors show a large variety. Patterns vary depending on the cultural features. They also symbolize the human life and death. These patterns influence the name of the carpets. For example; streams symbolize the human life and that’s why this carpet is named the carpet of life.

If we look at the features of mosque carpets, we’ll see that they are heavier and tightly woven in comparison to other carpets. The reason for this is to prevent wear caused by the crowds who attend worship ceremonies. These carpets should be manufactured carefully because they are subject to a lot of pressure in places where they are applied. If not, the carpets will not be long-lasting. They also won’t be comfortable for the people who visit mosques. That’s why it’s important to take these kinds of factors into consideration while manufacturing mosque carpets.

Raw material of the carpet provides flexibility and prevents the carpet from becoming flat. This way, the carpet stays durable even years after being purchased. The threads should be odor-free. The mosque carpets shouldn’t be harsh because harsh surfaces create uncomfortable experience for the mosque-goers and may also hurt their knees.

Four different raw materials are used during the manufacture of mosque carpets. These include, pure wool, polyamide, uncut velvet, and acrylic. These raw materials make the carpets long-lasting and prevent felt.

 Lined Mosque Carpets

The most practical mosque carpets are lined mosque carpets. That’s why lined mosque carpets are the most preferred mosque carpets. The reason behind this is their practicality and unique designs. They are also preferred because of their longevity and durability. These carpets have a special tissue and are hygienic options because they are anti-bacterial.

Among the lined mosque carpet models, the brick colored wool carpets and turquoise carpets stand out. But perhaps the most favorable lined mosque carpet models are the green ones because green is believed to symbolize heaven. Lined mosque carpets include various color combinations and create a peaceful and comforting atmosphere in mosques.

Lined mosque carpet prices are the most affordable ones. Because of their practicality and unique designs, lined mosque carpets are often preferred, which makes them more affordable. In respect to all the points made above, products that are of high quality, suitable for mosque interiors, practical, and affordable should be chosen. Lined mosque carpets meet all of these requirements.




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