Çelebizade Mosque Carpets are non-flammable and therefore very safe to use in mosques. Their odor-free qualities make them preferable in busy mosques. Also, they don’t leave knee prints.
Çelebizade Mosque Carpets are manufactured at Confetti Düzce Integrated Plant.
Çelebizade Mosque Carpets are made of fluff-free polyamide thread. Exclusive materials used during the process result in the creation of a soft and comfortable end product. By technological means used in the integral plant, tens of color tones can be created; we can even offer you the exact color used in the interior decoration of your mosque to match your carpets with the decoration. Our mosque carpets are manufactured in 3,600 gr/square meters of piles.
Product Description
Hırkai Şerif Round-Patterned Mosque Carpets are preferred by many mosques because they bring out the visual magnificence of the mosque they are applied to. They come in 6 different color options and they are not tiring to look at.

Other Color Options
Hırkai Şerif Round-Patterned Mosque Carpets come in maroon, turquoise, blue, red, green, and beige. You can view the color options and place an order by sending us the desired model. As Çelebizade Halı, we offer services all around Turkey.