What Are Mosque Carpet Models and Prices?

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Round-patterned mosque carpets are of utmost interest for the health of the community because people are directly in touch with the carpet when they are worshipping. For this reason, carpets should be of high quality and the mosques should be carpeted from wall-to-wall with round-patterned mosque carpets. When feet are directly in contact with pure wool, there’s no need to worry about hygiene because the material is anti-bacterial. This means that hygiene is a prominent feature for round-patterned mosque carpets, which are used by thousands of people today.

Mosque carpets should be decorative. They should be able to represent the history of the mosque thoroughly. The round-patterned mosque carpets you are going to choose should also be long-lasting and durable. Our company takes all these factors into consideration and manufactures high quality products. During the manufacture, the products go through a broad evaluation period. This way defects and problems are prevented from occurring before the products reach the end users. This criteria is absolutely very important for your health.

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Mosque Carpet Prices

When you are choosing mosque carpets, you should evaluate the quality of the product before its price. Round-patterned mosque carpet models are made of %100 pure wool which makes them long-lasting and therefore, very advantageous to use. You can purchase affordable round-patterned mosque carpets without compromising quality.

Round-patterned mosque carpet model options are very affordable. If you are looking for cheaper options, you should check out the models which are made of cheaper materials such as acrylic. The important thing here is that the prices for round-patterned mosque carpets are calculated only once. For this reason, you should choose high quality and long-lasting products.

By doing this, not only will you creating a healthy environment within your church, but also you will be creating an elegant atmosphere. Also, if you purchase long-lasting products, you will prevent any re-carpeting for a very long while. Before requesting price information for round-patterned mosque carpets, you should measure your mosque first. You should measure your mosque wall-to-wall and give exact figures about its length and width.

Factors That Affect Carpet Prices

When you are choosing carpet models, make sure the patterns don’t strain the eye. Colors should also be in perfect harmony with the mosque’s interior decoration. The most important factors that affect the prices of round-patterned mosque carpets are as follows:

  • The quality of the product used during the manufacture.
  • Tight weave to offer anti-bacterial features.
  • The size of the mosques, because prices are subject to a square meter-based policy.


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