What Features Should Lined Mosque Carpets Have?

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Mosques are spiritually comforting places. Therefore, mosques should be decorated to contribute to the overall comforting atmosphere. Mosques should have a simple decoration and subtle decoration elements should be used. Lined mosque carpets are used to prevent chaotic atmosphere. These carpets help people line up neatly and chaotic order is prevented as a result. When people are more concerned about where they stand, they may get distracted. Lined mosque carpets are used to resolve this issue.

How Much They Cost?

Lined mosque carpets prices show variances depending on size. We recommend you to contact us to get detailed information. Measurements are different for every mosque and for this reason, it wouldn’t be easy to give exact figures. Call us and we’ll help you out with the process.

Hygiene is Important

Mosques are usually crowded places. A lot of people visit mosques several times a day and therefore, they should be carpeted with anti-bacterial products. Lined mosque carpets help people understand where they should actually stand and this way the head never touches where the feet go. Carpets are manufactured with anti-allergic and anti-bacterial materials. When carpets are not lint-free, they cause rash. Fluffs also stick on clothes and make them look bad. All of this factors are taken into consideration when we are manufacturing carpets.

Carpet Colors Match the Mosque Interior

Lined mosque carpets come in all kinds of varieties. The buyer can decide what color the carpets will be depending on the interior decoration of the mosque that the carpet will be applied to. When the colors match, the overall appearance of the mosque doesn’t strain eyes. Lined mosque carpets have different models, all of which include pre-determined standing lines. These carpets include 2 to 3 colors and small dotted patterns. Lined mosque carpets resemble prayer rugs. There is also a model without the dotted patterns, which includes a different kind of pattern that is repeated all over the carpet.

 No Knee Prints

During prayer, the body weight gathers in specific places of the body which may, in time, result in deformation on certain places of the carpet. To prevent this, the carpets are made using high quality materials. The end product is long-lasting and therefore financially beneficial.

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