What is Round-Patterned Mosque Carpet?

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Round-patterned mosque carpet is one of the two main mosque carpet models. It includes a pattern right in the middle, a place which is considered as the core of the carpet. These carpets are usually used in large and architecturally outstanding mosques. Round-patterned mosque carpet models are known for their bright colors and various authentic patterns. Each pattern is unique for their own model. Even though the measurements show variances, each of the carpets include approximately 5 or 6 square meters large patterns. The shape and size of the pattern can be changed according to the mosque. In large mosques, large patterns are preferred. In smaller mosques, smaller patterns or no-pattern lined mosque carpets can be used. Round-patterned mosque carpets are aesthetic and contribute to the overall decoration of the mosques they are applied to.

Round-Patterned Mosque Carpet Prices

The prices of the round-patterned mosque carpets show differences depending on the models. Each carpet has a unit price. This unit price is multiplied by the total measure and the price is calculated. Round-patterned mosque carpet prices may also show differences depending on the pattern on the carpet. If the pattern is very detailed, the price will increase accordingly. The carpets will cover the entire floor of the mosque, which means that the measurements should be on point. In mosques, where the floor is not geometrically perfect, we recommend using lined mosque carpets instead of round-patterned mosque carpets.

Where to Buy Round-Patterned Mosque Carpets?

Round-patterned mosque carpets can be purchased online from available websites. These websites include all the round-patterned carpet models and color options. Carpets features are also clearly specified on the websites, situated in places where they are most visible for the reader. The information about the prices for the round-patterned mosque carpets can be acquired from the website or by contacting the authorities using the “Contact Us” tab. You can obtain certain information about carpet choices from these authorities.

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