What to Look Out For When Buying Wool Mosque Carpets?

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The wool mosque carpets that are used in holy Islamic places of worship, include a variety of features depending on how often they are used and the desired quality.

A Lot of Factors to be Considered

Mosques are places that are frequented by flocks of people every day. For that reason the wool mosque carpets should be hygienic, comfortable, durable, and of high quality. If wool mosque carpets are made of cheap material, then problems will soon emerge about comfort and hygiene. So, there are a lot of factors to be considered before making a purchase.

Long-Lasting Use

Confetti uses special New Zealand wool to manufacture carpets for mosques and foundations. These mosque carpets are suitable to be used in crowded places. They are also anti-bacterial and anti-allergic. Çelebizade mosque carpets are designed and manufactured to specifically address to your own tastes and in requested measures. They offer long-lasting use thanks to their durability. They are also non-flammable and lint-free.

Color Options for Wool Mosque Carpets

Wool mosque carpets are densely woven to make sure they are durable when used frequently. In addition to the print-free and odor-free New Zealand wools, polyamide threads are also used to guarantee durability. Using variety of threads in carpet manufacture results in a product that can dry easily and is odor-free. All of the carpets come in a variety of color and model options to assure contribution to the aesthetic appeal of the mosques’ interior.

Fine Impression is Very Important

Mosques are spiritually comforting places. The decoration within mosques are curated to contribute to the overall comforting atmosphere. The mosque carpets are of utmost important in this argument. Mosque carpets are very appealing to the eye, but they are also manufactured using odor-free threads to make sure everybody is comfortable while they worship God.

Why the Thread is Important for Wool Mosque Carpets?

Mosques are frequented by flocks of people who come to worship God several times every day. For this reason the mosque carpets should be soft and comfortable to be able to create a comfortable space. When wool is used to manufacture mosque carpets, the wool creates a comfortable environment for people because they are soft and flexible.

Heat Insulation and Energy Loss

A lot of people visit mosques and spend a considerable amount of time inside and the mosque carpets are subject to a lot of pressure all throughout the day. They can wear out pretty easily. Wool mosque carpets are preferred because they offer longevity and durability. All thanks to their threads, mosque carpets also guarantee heat insulation and saves a lot of energy. Wool threads are natural materials and they don’t include any carcinogenic substances. Wool mosque carpets are also anti-bacterial.


Wool Mosque Carpet Prices

Mosque carpet prices show differences depending on the quality of the product. Quality here refers to a carpet’s life time, durability, and thickness. These features are significant determinant for prices. But carpet prices may also show differences depending on various models. Because each carpet are woven with a different method, price differences are highly probable. For this reason, you should first determine the measurements of your mosque floors and decide what kind of carpet you need.



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