What to Look Out For When Purchasing a Mosque Carpet?

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There are a few things to look out for when choosing mosque carpets for mosques which are places of worship. These things depend on the size, age, and architectural features of the mosques, as well as the carpet manufacture itself.

The patterns and colors of the carpets determine their models. Mosques that are historically and architecturally significant are visited by a lot of people. So, these mosques should choose their carpets carefully and make sure that the carpet is unique. The interior lighting and decoration should also be worthy of the mosque’s value.

When everything is set, mosque carpets will give the interior a brighter atmosphere. Mosque carpets should be easy to clean and comfortable for people to sit or walk on it. They should also prevent the cold coming from the ground and have short threads to make sure dirty doesn’t pile up. When you check these factors off of your list, you can proceed to the next step and choose patterns and colors for your mosque carpets.

Color and Pattern Selection for Mosque Carpets

Color and pattern are visual parameters when choosing mosque carpets. Colors and patterns that match the interior decoration of the mosques will be appealing to the visitors’ eyes and will contribute to the mosque’s architecture. Lined carpets and round-patterned carpets are the two main mosque carpet models.

Lined mosque carpets don’t include a large pattern. Instead, they are lined to indicate the places people will stand during worship. These lines will help people align better. Lined mosque carpets are usually dark blue, dark green, dark red, and brown.

The other model is the round-patterned mosque carpet. These carpets include a large and bright-colored patterns right in the middle. Mosque carpets models are presented in detail on the website.

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Among the carpet models on websites, you can choose and purchase carpets that are in suitable measures for your mosque. To begin with this procedure, however, the measurements of your mosque should be calculated.

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