Mosque and Dormitory Carpets Made of 100% Odorless Wool

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Wool Carpets and Smell

Carpets are essential decorative elements in both dormitories and mosques. How functional are the carpets of your choice? Are they compatible with the environment? But most importantly, do they lock in the smell? You’ll get your answers in this post. 

Wool carpets are essential decorative elements since the beginning of time. Wool carpets in varying colors and motifs are the focus of attention in mosques and dormitories. Wool carpets offer a lot of advantages, too: They are less likely to catch fire and they don’t lock in unpleasant smell. 

Zero Smell, 100% Hygiene

Wool carpets are elegant, high-quality products. They create a stylish atmosphere wherever they are used. Rich color and motif options enrich spaces in dormitories and mosques. 100% wool carpets balance heat: they are antiperspirant in the summer and they will keep you warm in the winter. They are also anti-odor and hygienic.

Çelebizate carpets have made their way into many mosques and dormitories. Offering a rich variety of models and properties, they continue to be customers’ go-to choice.

Çelebizade’s wool carpets are healthier and safer, in comparison to other carpets. Wool carpets release less toxic fume, and they are less likely to catch fire. They have natural fire-extinguishing properties and will extinguish the fire.

Choose Wool Carpets

Çelebizade has produced and continues to produce carpets that are compatible with every kind of taste and style. 100% wool, hygienic, odorless carpets are the new trend in town. 

Why wool carpets? Because of all the qualities mentioned above! Although, it is good to keep in mind that every carpet looks new and shiny in the beginning but this can change over time and with use. 

Wool carpets are;


Durable against fire,





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